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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
By Jenn Callahan
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{N} family // dallas family photographer


Top 3 reasons I'm sharing this session on the blog today!

I knew I wanted to feature this family as a perfect example of what to wear for a session. The color combinations and different textures bring so much richness to these images, especially paired with the spring greens & dramatic skies we had that evening. You guys know I'm a sucker for playful skies! Give me clouds over straight sunshine any day of the week.

When choosing outfits for your family, my rule of thumb is always one solid for every pattern or stripes. Mixed layers are always a win. Jewel tones are so beautiful on camera any time of year. I love moms in solid flow-y dresses. And little boys in suspenders? So much YES. What can I say? Mom absolutely nailed it here.

Let's talk about the happy. This family is also great about letting their children lead the session for the most part, they're great about going with the flow. They allow me to capture the connection with each other vs their connection with the camera. To me, this is what you'll want to look back on in 25 - 50 years. Your connection with those little bitties who grew up way too fast. You are going to feel far more happiness looking at those types of images, the true smiles & giggles. Not the forced everyone stare & cheese images. YES, I will capture a couple of those at your session, don't you worry! It's a southern staple, I know. Haha. But just trust me on the rest, ok? I promise I have your best memories at heart.

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